We specialize in Ecommerce Web Sites for Small and Mid-size Businesses.
We’ve been at it for nearly 10 years.
We understand how small businesses work.
To learn how we work, share your needs with us NOW.
Call us toll free at 866-742-2517.
Frankly, the rest of this site is just the obligatory marketing information.
Here’s what’s important:
If you operate a small business and need a web site that sells online,
one that you can easily manage yourself,
then just call us and let’s start talking about your business
and what you need to accomplish!

Our Process: (1) We talk with you (2) We send you a Proposal (3) You place the Order (4) We Build Your Site

Without exposure, a small business is doomed.
Our brand of expertise focuses totally on increasing the exposure of you and your products to the world. We’re easy, friendly, cost-effective. Want to sell you? Your product? Your ideas? Want to train others? We’ll help you do it! Here’s how we work….

We are a private web-site developer, doing custom work for small business owners, manufacturers, art galleries, construction and consulting firms, and retail businesses. Want to see some of the sites we have built? That’s it in a nutshell– and we’re user-friendly, too. If you sincerely want to address your EXPOSURE to the world through use of our wholly owned technologies, and carve out some real-estate for yourself on the web, we want to talk with you personally. Call us at 866-742-2498. Or email us now.
Many of our new customers ask us these questions:

“Are you expensive?”
“What is your process?”
“Can we work on our own site after it is built, or do we have to call SDG for everything?”

“Can you make it simple?”
“Do you have payment plans, even for small jobs?”